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After 7 years based in Wellington (and 23 years consulting in the Boland and Western Cape), FAITH Computer Technologies cc are making our new home near the quiet coastal town of Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape in order to live out our dreams. Ross and Brenda would like to thank the many people and businesses of Wellington for their many years of support and friendship.

Ross will still be available for remote support, and has chosen a successor to handle on-site support and take over his client base.

Ross van den Heever, the driving force behind FAITH CT, has spent more than 23 years in both the supply chain, retail and service market of the computer industry, and has a wide knowledge base covering many aspects of computing and its integrating technologies. He decided to start FAITH CT when he realised that not enough people are getting the knowledge, care and service they deserve when it comes to their computer technology and internet communication needs.

There are many new and interesting technologies and services that help to lower the costs of computers and communication tools, and FAITH CT plans to be there to assist you as you move forward into the future.

We'd like people to enjoy their computing experience. We'd appreciate your feedback, too. Whether it be good, bad or just plain great, feel free to contact us anytime.

When things go wrong it's good to know there are people like FAITH CT who care about your valuable information.

So give us a try. We're worth it.

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